Lock Up Your Frames

Every day it seems that we see Facebook or LinkedIn posts related to theft of eyewear in optical shops all around the world.  Well, Ennco Display Group wants to help you lock up your frames as well as lock down some savings for the holiday and year end.

Lock Up Your Year-End Tax Deductions

IRS rules for 2017 allow you take advantage of year-end tax deductions in several ways…and this is a great time to do it!  Under Section 179 expensing, you can elect to deduct “removable” personal property expenses up to $500,000 if your total acquisitions are less than $2,010,000.  (I don’t know any of us that will get to use this one!).  The rest of us can use the “new repair regulations” that allow you to expense “removable” personal property under the De Minimus rule up to $2,500 per item/invoice.  This rule covers things like small tools and equipment such as “DISPLAYS”.  If the items are “put into service” (screwed into the wall!) before Dec 31st, 2017 you should be able to use them as a tax deduction! ** Everyone has a different tax situation. Check with your own accountant to determine your best year end options. **

Lock Up Your Savings

To help with the ever-changing retail landscape we would like to offer you a special price on our most popular locking frame rods, the Mino and the Alumina! Take advantage of a 20% discount when you purchase the Mino or the Alumina…or BOTH! When you visit our website, you will see the retail price of the item with an awesome red slash through it and the new promotional price! Hurry up and take advantage of this offer while supplies last.

Starting today you can LOCK UP inventory, LOCK UP your TAX DEDUCTION and LOCK UP your SAVINGS with our special offer.

Don’t scare away your customers!

October can be a bit “spooky”… whether it be because of Halloween, the change in weather, or the sudden realization that summer is officially over. We find ourselves being cooped up inside (especially for all of us in Seattle!), which can often lead to serious evaluation of the environment where we spend most of our time…the office!

Do you look at your space and think…that’s outdated, I should really change out that display, or why did I buy that extra line of frames? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to update your space before you scare away your customers! Ok, that’s a bit dramatic… but they will really appreciate the new look and feel of your space!

Not all changes have to be big and grandiose! Here are some small changes that can be made to liven up a space:

  • New Signage: Adding signage can point your patients in the right direction, making it easier and more convenient to shop and find exactly what they are looking for!


  • Mirrors: Mirrors are the perfect addition to any space. They help to open up the space, but also provide the perfect canvas for your customers to view your merchandise.


  • Feature Displays: Creating hype for new products or a specific frame line can make all the difference when trying to make the sale. So, the idea of “showcasing” with a feature display is a great way to spice things up! (Check out these great feature displays for inspiration…. Flight Boxes, Luminato, & Freestanding Displays)

Feature Display

If you feel it is time for a big overhaul you could consider making some of the bigger changes:

  • New Dispensary Design: Creating a new space for your patients to shop and your employees to work creates an exciting and refreshed environment. Need help thinking outside the box?
  • New Displays: Even just updating your frame boards can create the look of a new dispensary without having to redo everything and start from scratch! With the help of our new “Complete Systems” it is even easier to pick out a new look!
  • New Accessories: Surprisingly, new space accessories (i.e. paint, flooring, seating, lighting, etc…) can make all the difference in the overall appearance of your space. Perhaps changing the color of your walls can create just the pop you were looking for!

Changes, whether large or small, can make all the difference when it comes to the way you present your business and merchandise to your patients! And just think…now is the perfect time to make these changes as we start rolling into the busy holiday season!


Preparing Your Space for New Frames

Whether you are preparing space for frames purchased at Vision Expo or just a new line, now is a great time to do some “house cleaning”.  You know…look for all those old posters, counter cards, outdated P.O.P and handouts that have been hanging out all too long.  Who knows, you may be amazed at how much dust you find when you move them around.

A clean, neat, orderly and well-arranged space is more conducive to sales. Every space I ever visit has old and outdated materials that have stopped even being seen by the staff working the sales floor.  No need to panic, this is just human behavior. Therefore, the introduction of any new line creates a great opportunity to simply look around with a critical eye and remove “something” such that the space can stay fresh.

My suggestions for how to introduce new frame purchases:

  • Create a small space or section of your display that is specifically for “feature merchandising”.
  • Give the representative from that line the opportunity to merchandise that space and only put their merchandise there. (Make it a 30 to 60 day opportunity)
    • If there is no representative, get all the P.O.P material you can from the frame manufacturer and dress the feature area with it (as well as) lifestyle materials that relate to the eye wear.
  • Be careful to show FEWER frames than more and make the staff aware that showing or directing people to this feature area will help you determine the impact of the styles, etc.
  • When frames are easily seen and touched, get consumer reaction and base your future purchases on it. HINT…this will help with all lines.
  • Lastly (since we are a display company), you need an area that is designated for easy use as a feature area. If you need this type of merchandising area, contact us or any display company that serves our industry.  Every one of us work hard each day to dream up new ways to help sell your product for you so that you have more quality time to spend with each patient.

Remember, clean, neat, orderly, easily seen and well-presented will make your investment in new frames pay off every time.


Redmond, WA, September 26, 2017–Ennco Display Systems debuts a valuable addition to their current ecommerce website in the form of a “product configurator” with a fully functional pricing module.

Jan Ennis, President, states that “this new functionality is the tip of the iceberg for showing complex merchandising options available from the company.  Ennco has been working for over a decade to find a solution to the complex problem of allowing clients to select a basic item and then add the complications of color, frame display options, storage options, lighting options and more.  While this new capability takes us much farther than we have been in the past, we intend to push these new-found capabilities even further.”

The first products available for configuration are available for purchase in the Dispensary Furnishings section of the website. Dispensing tables and complete panel systems are the first products to roll out with the new formats. Clients may shop options and price out the dispensing tables and wall panel systems as they are made available.  Select a style, color or finish, storage style, display style, lighting style and more all on one web page.  The limiting factor for additional product roll out is the amount of time to integrate the data points for remaining products and creating vast amounts of images to help clients visualize each step of the ordering process.  Stay tuned as they continue to add more products to their ever-growing list!

About Ennco Display Systems

Ennco Display Systems is a store fixture and office design company specializing in retail optical environments.  The Company’s products and services are designed to aid both individual optical practitioners as well as non-optical retailers of eyewear in creating the most effective visual presentations.  The Company’s offerings include both architectural and product design as well as the fixture and casework solutions needed to optimize customer interest and balance practical concerns.

How to get the most out of Vision Expo West!

It’s that time of year again, the Vision Expo West trade show in Las Vegas is just around the corner!

Whether you are going because you are updating your office, finding new merchandise to sell, or simply to stay up with the latest and greatest trends, here are some key tips on how to make the show work for you.

The best advice we can give is preparation. Prepare yourself before the show, it is a BIG show and can often be overwhelming if you do not have a plan.

Here are tips to making the show work for you!

  1. Don’t pay! Most exhibitors can give out free admission to the show! Don’t pay for your entry, instead reach out to the companies you want to visit and ask if they have a free invitation program. We do! Here is a link…Visit the show on US!

VEW17_DGP_400x400-Ennco Display Systems Inc. and Magic Design

  1. Know what you are going for and plan your route: Have a plan and make a list; what you want to see, the booths and companies you want to visit, and the products you are looking for. Having a clear understanding of what you need to accomplish will help you get the most out of your time at the show. It is helpful to print out the floor plan and exhibitor list, then highlight the companies you want to visit and plan your “route”.
  1. Schedule meetings: Not all exhibitors requirement appointments, but we highly recommend it for those companies you know you want to meet with. It will ensure you get the personalized attention you deserve!
  1. Organize and purge as you go: You will be getting lots of information, print outs, flyers, and business cards while at the show- these can pile up fast! We suggest bringing a pen and making notes on the items as you receive them. Notes like what items you liked at the booth, who you met with, why it interested you, and ultimately what the significance of the business is to your business. Taking the time to write down your thoughts will help you days later when you sit down to organize your findings! And… if you receive information from a company or a booth you just aren’t interested in don’t take the flyer in the first place. Nothing worse than having a bag full of flyers you have no use for!

Lastly… HAVE FUN! You will be in Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps. Enjoy the local dining, shows, and lively environment while you are there. It doesn’t have to be all work and no play!

Independence from your competition!

In today’s world of business, we are in constant competition not only with brick and mortar stores, but now with online ecommerce it makes it even more important to be unique. Stand out from the competition and gain independence from the ordinary with these simple yet effective ideas.

#1. Provide excellent customer service. I know you have heard that a thousand times, but it really is the most significant contributor to the success of your business. With consumers in today’s market, online is king and a they prefer to shop on their own time within the comfort of their own home. Hence why the world of online sales has skyrocketed! To compete with online retailers, it is imperative that you provide an amazing customer service experience that makes the customer want to come back. The great thing about online shopping is the convenience, but what online cannot provide is the face to face relationship that keeps customers coming back, use this to your advantage.

#2. Frequently change your offerings and the way you present your business. Whether it be changing images on your website, changing the graphics and signage you have in store, rotating promotions you offer, or even changing the look of your space with an update to your displays. Giving the customer a new “view” often helps them remember why they keep coming back. A great way to update is by adding a feature unit, something like the Luminato is a great choice. Not only are you adding more space to display merchandise, but it provides a stage for marketing materials and graphics.


#3. Make it easy for your customer to shop. Retail businesses many times show too much merchandise and it can be overwhelming. It is important to find the perfect balance between the amount of merchandise that is right for your business and for the customer. Creating a comfortable, well organized, and easily accessible shopping environment for your customer will improve the profitability of your business. There are many great ways to do this, and below are just a few ideas.

  • Frame Trays: Trays can serve many purposes in an optical store, the obvious being as storage in a drawer or on a counter. But our favorite use of the Tuxedo Tray is as a “shopping” tray for your customer. Once they have a tray full of frames they can bring it to the optician full of potential sales.
  • Ice Cube Panels: The Ice Cube is a great way to showcase a lot of frames while still being simple and organized. In addition, the open airy design doesn’t collect dust as much as shelves would…so less work for you when it comes to cleaning!
  • Mirrors: Mirrors are a simple addition that is often overlooked. How will your customer see the merchandise and the way it looks on them without mirrors? Exactly…that is why it is so important to provide mirrors whether they are wall mounted, rod mounted, or counter top mirrors.

By following these 3 simple steps, you will be making moves in the right direction to stand out and be “independent” from the competition. If you are interested in more ways to organize your space or looking for a new display, check out our website www.ennco.com (for the online focused consumer) or give us a call at (425)883-1650 to talk about your space!

Refresh for Summer!

Creating Rays of Sunshine!

Summer is almost here. The kids are almost out of school and there is more sun than clouds. Does your optical space feel like it needs the brightness the sun is bringing to the outdoors? Is there a feeling of “blah” when you walk in the door of your office?

Now is the time to change that. There are several options available to bring a new sparkle of sunshine to your space. From changing the front window display to replacing the pictures on the wall to adding new lights to replacing your flooring, doing one or all of these can put a freshness into the office that will bring in that summer feeling.

Need a refresh invitation?

How long has it been since you changed the appearance of your front window display? Changing the look for all of those that pass by will be like standing out front and waving a sign “Come look at what we have for you!”

Installing a new floating box or shelf system, hanging a new lit graphic, or are all things that can refresh your window display and present a new face to your existing and potential clients.

How long has that poster been on the wall?

Changing your existing posters or adding new graphics can do a lot towards creating a new, more exciting space. Ask your frame reps for new artwork or graphics, and then have Ennco print it on an acrylic board which you can mount on the wall or hang in the window. Or get the artwork printed on a transparency, buy a lit graphic box from Ennco and either mount or display the lit graphic in your space for a “pop” of “sunshine”.

Not bright enough?

Summer can be a good time to add new lighting. The brightness of the outdoors can be overwhelming but it is also appealing and adding more light to your displays can help create that feeling inside.

Adding new display lights to individual panels or a complete track lighting system are ways to refresh and highlight your frames. Doing this for specific displays and areas within your space can create “spots of sunshine” that will attract your clients and even those passing by.

Looking for some new colors?

Tired of seeing the same faded look when you walk in the door? Painting your walls, adding new wallboards, or changing the flooring are all steps you can take to brighten your shop.

Any or all of these suggestions can bring a new freshness to your space that will linger beyond the summer season. If you would like help implementing any of these ideas, or would like to discuss ways to create some of your own ideas, let the design team at Ennco Display help bring that sparkle back to your space.


A Legend Retires

Ennco Display Systems, Inc. announces the retirement of Cy Furman

Redmond, WA, May 31, 2017– Ennco Display Systems, Inc. announces the retirement of designer Cy Furman after decades of service to the retail and optical industries. Cy founded and pioneered Magic Design and Visual Dynamics of San Francisco. Cy started in the retail display business, designing and furnishing displays of frameless glass showcases and units for department stores. Next, he expanded the offerings to jewelry and then discovered the optical industry in 1980 and realized that was where he wanted to focus. Even today, you can see some of his original works in stores across the country.

Jan Ennis, Ennco Display Systems, Inc. President said, “I had the great privilege and pleasure of working with Cy, along with his deceased wife Margaret and his stepdaughter Kim, for many years.  Although we were competitors for many years, we formed a relationship where Cy was teaching and I was intently learning when he joined our team at Ennco Display.  Cy was truly gifted in pulling together his vision of “THE TOTAL PACKAGE DESIGN” for each client.  The Total Package concept helped transition Ennco Display from being a supplier of specialty optical displays to a leader in complete architectural optical office design.”

While Cy is “officially” retired he is still in touch with all of us here at Ennco.  He continues encouraging and steering us with new ideas that we get to put into action.  We wish Cy all the best in this next adventure in his life.  If anyone wishes to send Cy retirement wishes, please contact us at Ennco and we will gladly pass them on.

About Ennco Display Systems

Ennco Display Systems is a store fixture and optical office design company specializing in retail optical environments.  The Company’s products and services are designed to aid both individual optical practitioners as well as “non-optical” retailers of eyewear in creating the most effective visual presentations.  The Company’s offerings include both architectural optical office design and product design as well as the fixture and casework solutions needed to create the most effective presentations.

# # #

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact

Heather Bezanson

6975 176th Ave NE, Suite 350

Redmond, WA 98052

Office: (425)883-1650 X104

Wanting to Create a New Space?

Thinking about redoing your optical space? Or moving to a new space? What should the design be? Answering these questions as you work towards creating a new space can be a daunting process. Perhaps the first issue to resolve is who to approach and ask for help with the design and creation of the space. As you evaluate the various individuals and teams some of the critical questions to answer are:

  • Is this a person, or persons, I can work with?
  • Can they help me through the entire process?
  • How much will it cost just to get a design?
  • What are the hidden costs?

Taking the time to choose the right team in the beginning will be the most important decision you will make and can have the most impact.

Can I Work With YOU?

As you look for someone to work with on designing your new space it is important to remember that this will be “your” space, not the designers. You want to find and establish a team that is responsive to your needs and makes you feel that you are a part of the design, not just the occupant for someone else’s creation. Some of the things to notice as you proceed with selecting someone to work with:

  • Do they offer to come see your current space and how you work?
  • Have you seen any other spaces that they have designed? Do you feel comfortable in those spaces?
  • Are they responsive to your questions?
  • Are they equipped to help you through the entire process? Design, construction, installation, beyond.

After you choose a designer the process of creating your space on paper begins. Again, this is a process that you need to be involved in, from understanding and helping to create the flow; to having an open mind when the designer might suggest a different approach to a particular issue. If the design team asks questions, or raises issues that cause you to say “I never thought of that,” then you can have a sense that the team is thinking about “your” space and process. This is also the time when colors, finishes, displays, and furnishings should be considered and selections start to get finalized.

To Construction and Beyond

The design portion of the process is only the first phase. Now you need to satisfy the requirements of the municipality in which you are located and the building or landlord’s conditions. Depending on your location and design team there will be permit, bid, and/or construction drawings needed; the selection of a general contractor, interior designer, display manufacturer; the selection of fixtures, furnishings, and equipment, sequencing, and coordination. Again, some questions for the design team:

  • Will they produce the drawings for the permit? Bid? Construction? Do they have staff qualified to produce the documents required?
  • Will they help with the selection of a general contractor?
  • Do they have resources for selection of fixtures, lighting, flooring, seating, etc.
  • Are they ready to help with the design and layout of your display, exam rooms, lab space, etc.

If the answers to any of these questions are no, then you will have to expand your team to include those people necessary to complete the requisite parts of the project.

Wasn’t That Part of the Price?

The hidden fees and costs. I have deliberately left out any discussion about cost or budget until now. For most of us this is probably the most important issue, but it seems too often it is the one that is left out of the design discussion. So, as you re-read this post ask the question “what is the cost of this?” at each phase of the process. Incorporating this question into the process from the beginning will create a transparent atmosphere and effective process. Because everyone involved has one thing in mind – the creation of an exciting space for you.

If you are at the point of looking for a design team, or thinking about it, consider the team at Ennco Display Group. We can help with your space selection and design, are equipped to deal with permit drawings and bid sets; have connections with flooring, lighting, and seating manufacturers; and we design and build displays and casework for the optical space, exam rooms, lab, and other spaces in your optical practice.

Lighting the Way for Frames to Tell a Story- Press Release

Redmond, WA, April 24, 2017– One of the most common eyewear merchandising errors is poorly lit displays. Ennco has provided a fix to this problem with the development of their newest innovation in wall panel systems, the Delta Lit Shelf package. It utilizes hidden LED light strips to illuminate panel mounted shelves, creating the perfect lighting environment to showcase frames.

The Delta is available in two configuration styles, 3 and 4 shelf. The 3-shelf design is perfect for a space that has good overhead lighting, as it allows a seamless transition from the first shelf which will be lit by the overhead lighting into the 2 lower shelves lit by the inset LEDs. The 4-shelf option is ideal for a space with little to no overhead lighting. The top shelf is located at the full height of the wall panel and is not intended to be used for frame merchandise. The purpose of this shelf is to create a flawless lighting environment for the 3 lower shelves that display frames. The intention for the top shelf is to keep it open for a sleek look or as an additional location for marketing materials (logos, signs, or special decoration).

Dr. Jane Gan, owner of Briarwood Vision Center, recently worked with Ennco for the design out of her new optical space. The space with designed using the Delta shelf package and the feedback from Dr. Gan and her patients has been exceptional. Dr. Gan notes “The Delta shelves give us the ability to display our merchandise by brand, and helps us to tell a story behind the frames we are selling. The hidden lighting underneath the shelves make the colors of the frames really pop!”.

The Delta shelf package can be found at www.ennco.com, and for more information about Ennco’s design services, including the Total Package, visit www.ennco.com/optical-space-design or call (425)883-1650.

About Ennco Display Systems

Ennco Display Systems is a store fixture and office design company specializing in retail optical environments.  The Company’s products and services are designed to aid both individual optical practitioners as well as non-optical retailers of eyewear in creating the most effective visual presentations.  The Company’s offerings include both architectural and product design as well as the fixture and casework solutions needed to optimize customer interest and balance practical concerns.